Date of publication: 02/04/2022

Territorial Meeting Asia 1

Council General International

On February 22nd was the first time that Asia 1 had its meeting through virtual mode to discuss, plan and implement the activities for the year 2022

Bro. Joseph Pandian, Vice President General, CGI was the guest for the event.   Sister Cherryl Silva, President of the National Council of Sri Lanka, Bro. Sharlain Silva, Youth representative Sri Lanka, Bro. Arnob Biswas, Coordinator Nepal, Bro. Arnold D’Souza, East Nepal, Bro. Bhim  Tamang, Youth from Nepal, Bro. Jude Mangalraj, President of the National Council of India and Bro. Jerald Nicholas, Youth representative India, represented their respective National Councils. CGI Delegates Asia 1 territory, Bro. Dr. Francis, Formation and Training, Bro. Gabriel Mondel, Projects and Bro. Leo Levin, Youth Coordinator also participated. Bro. Stanley Michael, Member, International Twinning Commission was also present. Bro. Johnson Varghese, ITVP Asia 1, welcomed everyone for a fruitful discussion. 

Bro. Joseph Pandian expressed his joy to be present at the meeting. He insisted to have a clear picture of plans for the coming year. There were many hurdles that came in our way but nothing is to stop us from being a Vincentian. He requested India to extend its support other nations in Asia 1.

National Presidents/Coordinators and Youth Coordinators were given an opportunity to express their views and present their plan of action for the coming year.

The meeting was helpful for each national council in planning for 2022. Members were of the opinion that each country make extra efforts to bring the conferences back to a normal status at the earliest. Each participant was hopeful that the Society will be able to restart all its activities which were affected by Covid-19 in the past one and a half years. Members also decided to hold an in-person meeting next time with the sanction of the International Council and sought the help of the National council of India to host the same.