Commission for International Aid and Development (CIAD)

This considers requests for funding for SSVP projects throughout the world.

Its areas of operation are: humanitarian aid in emergency situations (natural disasters, violent conflict, etc.), strengthening and expanding the Society and setting up projects for development and systemic change.

CIAD Report

Fund for International Solidarity (FIS)

Created to support CIAD in its various fields of action, and strengthen its ability to respond to emergency situations.

This fund welcomes any donations, and is prepared to send help to any part of the world, whenever it is needed.

“Justice has its limits, charity knows no bounds.”

— Federico Ozanam


The shortage of resources faced by many countries where the Society is established promotes a spirit of Vincentian sharing.

Conferences and Councils help each other, both nationally and internationally. This bond consists of sharing prayer, deep friendship and material resources, and is known as Twinnage or Twinning; it helps to create links among the various countries in the Confederation.