Date of publication: 04/04/2022

Aid to the Ukrainian people and transfer of refugees to Spain  

World News

 At the initiative of the Bilbao Particular Council and with the collaboration of the National Council of Spain, convoys of humanitarian aid are being sent to the border.

The conflict in Ukraine has provoked an intense movement of millions of refugees fleeing their country to safer destinations. Faced with the need for help, both to refugees at the border and to those wishing to move to Spain, the Bilbao Particular Council organized a convoy composed of 10 Vincentians and volunteers who, in 5 vans filled with food and other essentials, left for the Polish-Ukrainian border on March 14.

On the afternoon of March 15, after a journey of about 2,500 kilometers, the food was delivered to the Polish Vincentian Family in Krakow, which is caring for the refugees. After a few hours of rest at the seminary of the Congregation of the Mission in this town, the convoy left for the border near Dohobyczów (Poland) where they picked up

27 Ukrainians, mostly children, women and   elderly people. 

On March 18, the convoy arrived on Spanish soil and the refugees were welcomed by families from the Basque Country and Navarra, thanks to the support of two associations of friends of Ukraine from Irun and Bilbao.

The Bilbao Particular Council is already organizing a second convoy that will also have the financial support of the Spain National Council – SSVP through the donations that have been generously received for this cause.