The SSVP’s social action is based on respect and love of neighbour, from a firm commitment to our shared Christian values.

We work directly and closely with the people in need, convinced that listening and support allow us to create bonds which make it possible to focus on the whole person.

The Visit

This is the traditional work of the SSVP, which defines us most clearly, and is the core of our social action.

It means going to meet the people we help, whether in their own homes or any other place where they live.

It allows us to establish a link between equals, person to person. Non-judgemental listening, respect and support for others, are the most effective channels for rebuilding dignity and hope.


Support for the families in most need, with direct help, giving food, clothing and household goods.

We provide personal support, with various programmes of social and employment guidance to improve future prospects.

Childhood and youth

We take care of their education and personal growth through training workshops, social and employment integration projects and support programmes. We rely on specialist centres for care of the young.

Older people

Here, our aim is to relieve loneliness or deprivation caused by lack of family and friends. We also listen to people, provide basic, everyday services like going to the shops, taking care of paperwork, accompanying visits to the doctor, etc.

It is important for us to create bonds of affection which provide them with the friendship and intimacy they need so much.

Homeless people

We provide various social programmes for this real need: hostels, day centres, sheltered accommodation, social clothing and meal centres. We also provide basic help with food, personal hygiene, clothing and daily living needs, and provide training and support packages.

The SSVP has developed various projects in response to the 13 Houses Campaign, started by the FAMVIN Alliance for homeless people. The goal of this initiative is to improve and transform the lives of homeless people throughout the world over the next 5 years. All this from the viewpoint of our Vincentian spirituality.

Refugees and Immigrants

The Society responds to the various circumstances which lead to migratory movement, with the greatest respect for human integrity, culture and family situations.

Depending on the problems in the country, we have implemented first aid programmes, refugee camps, immigrant integration and training programmes, legal advice and health guidance, among other things.

People who are sick

The SSVP provides care and support for people who are sick, especially for patients who are alone, or whose families cannot take care of them. We are developing health campaigns and promote creation of medical centres.


The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has joined the Global Catholic Climate Movement, in line with the encyclical Laudato Sí of Pope Francis, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set out in the UN's Agenda 2030.

We work actively to promote responsible management of natural resources and care for our Common Home.