Date of publication: 10/07/2023

International Orientation Manual – SSVP Youth Committees


For the first time in its history the General Council International of the SSVP, through the International Vice-Presidency for Youth, Children and Adolescents, is launching  an International Manual containing orientations and guidelines for the formation and composition of Youth Committees throughout the SSVP.

The International Manual has been prepared by the current International Youth Committee, led by Brother  Willian Alves (International Vice-President for Youth, Children and Adolescents).

According to Willian Alves, this Manual elaborates on the information found in the Rule and in the International Statutes on the importance of appointing a young person as Youth Coordinator and that such Committee be composed equally by young Vincentians. The Manual, according to Alves, is an important document to support National Councils following the decisión made in Rome, during the General Assembly (June 2023), that every National Council shall have a National Youth Coordinator and organize a National Youth Committee.

The official launching of the document took place on June 13, 2023 in Rome (Italy) during the SSVP General Assembly, where the document was presented to the National Presidents and members of the entire international structure by the 16th President General, Brother Renato Lima de Oliveira.

On June 17,  specific training was given by Brother William Alves to the National Presidents on each article of the Manual. He emphasized the importance of the wide dissemination, study and training tool of this document by the SSVP Councils, especially among the youth.

During the launching of the Manual, Brother Renato Lima de Oliveira congratulated all the territorial delegates for their contributions and for the work done under leadership of Brother   William Alves, and emphasized that the national presidents should be the first to study the document and disseminate it widely within their National Councils.