Date of publication: 10/07/2023

The Council General extends the term of participation in the competition on Jules Gossin

Council General International

We have already received some works of great literary and investigative quality, but in order to ensure a greater participation, it has been decided to extend the deadline for sending the essays to August 15th, 2023.

Entries may not exceed 20 pages. Cash prizes will be awarded to the first three places (1,000, 750 and 500 euros, respectively). The Vincentian Conferences of the winning authors will also receive the same amount of money, which must be used for the benefit of assisted families or Vincentian works.

The essays can be submitted in five languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian and French. The deadline for submitting dissertations/essays is August 15th, 2023. The Organizing Committee will announce the final results on September 9, 2023 and the prizes will be awarded to the winners immediately after this announcement.

The Council General hopes that many Conferences and Councils members, especially the young, will participate in the Jules Gossin competition.

Participate! We ask Superior Councils to assist the Council General in spreading the word about this contest to the Conferences and Councils in each country, as well as in schools, Vincentian colleges and Catholic universities.

Click here to read the guidelines and appendix of the international competition.

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