Date of publication: 09/03/2023

A first mass celebrated at the international headquarters

Council General International

The event took place in Paris after the Board meeting 

February 25, 2023 will go down in the history of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul because on this date a first mass was celebrated in the chapel of the headquarters of the Council General International, located at de la Glacière Street in Paris. 

The celebration was presided over by Father Andrés Motto, CM, International Spiritual Advisor of the Society. The liturgical ceremony took place right after a meeting of the General Council’s Board.

The mass was celebrated in several languages, namely French, English and Spanish, in a collaborative way, i.e. the readings were done by the Board members. The liturgy of the mass was that of Sunday (February 26): 1st reading (Genesis 2, 7-9; 3, 1-7), Psalm 50; 2nd Reading (St. Paul’s letter to the Romans 5, 12.17-19) and the Gospel (St. Matthew 4, 1-11), about the temptations of Christ.

The celebrant asked everyone: “What are the temptations that afflict us today in the work of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul?” During the meditation of the “Credo”, Father Motto invited those present to pray in a different way, asking everyone: “What do I believe in?” Each member spoke about the beliefs they have, about love for God and love for neighbor. 

The chapel at the SSVP international headquarters is a very cozy place holding up to 20 people. It is located inside the Ozanam Historical Space, on the first floor of the building.