Date of publication: 08/03/2023

President General publishes a synthesis of Ozanam’s books

Council General International

The texts are available on the website of the International Vincentian Family 

One of the seven founders of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Blessed Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam, was an extremely learned man. He was a professor of several subjects, spoke many languages and wrote 11 books, as well as hundreds of articles, booklets, chronicles, texts and pamphlets.

At the invitation of brother Javier Chento, International Coordinator of the Vincentian Family website (, the 16th President General of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, writes summaries of Ozanam’s books every month. The following summaries have already been published: “The Origins of Socialism” and “A Pilgrimage to the Country of El Cid”.

“Ozanam’s holiness is also manifested in his writings. The lucidity of his thought converts hearts, not only in his time, but especially today. That is why we have Ozanam as our great inspirer, outstanding teacher and example for the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and the Vincentian Family,” stressed President Lima de Oliveira. 

The objective of this initiative is to spread even more Ozanam’s thought within the SSVP and the Vincentian Family, presenting his ideas to the entire Vincentian community, in an accessible and direct language, contributing to the formation of our members. 

Ozanam was part of a young Catholic intellectual generation, deeply idealistic and active socially and politically. His life was marked by faith and holiness, which we can see through his historical and literary writings. He always defended Christianity, the family, life, human dignity through work, democracy and care for the humblest.

Brother Renato Lima is the author of several books in Portuguese, among them the series “Vincentian Chronicles” (five editions), “Falling in love to Justice and Charity” (in Spanish), “Governmental Relationship” and “The Vincentians and the Brazilian Parliament”. By June, the book “Circular Letters written between 2016 and 2023” will be published and launched at the General Assembly in Rome.

A summary on the book “The Italian Franciscan Poets of 13th Century” will be available next month. Please comment, share and discuss these texts within your conference. Good reading!