Date of publication: 06/07/2022

CIAD supports a social project of a Children’s Conference in Brazil

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“Hands Feeding” Project (Mãos que Alimentam) received help from CIAD to better serve homeless people

During the Covid19 pandemic, a Children and Teenagers’ Conference, composed of young people from 8 to 15 years old, decided to start an audacious project: preparing and delivering food to homeless people in the city of Barbacena, in the interior of Brazil.

With the support of adult Vincentians, members of other conferences of the Zone Council, the Project “Hands Feeding” got organized and started to serve an increasing number of brothers in need of the city during cold nights. They were serving hot food as well as providing clothing, blankets and personal hygiene materials. Private vehicles were used to transport food, prepared with great love, which reached the hands of those in need, although in inadequate conditions.

Then the conference had the idea of seeking resources to have at the project disposal an adapted vehicle, with compartments that facilitated the transport of prepared food so that they reached the hands of the homeless people in better conditions, also allowing the transport of other items donated during the rounds on the city streets.

After being reviewed by CGI’s territorial team in South America, the project was then submitted to CIAD for financial analysis. The SSVP National Council of Brazil presented guarantees regarding the use, guarding and maintenance of the vehicle by. The project was approved by CIAD, and the new vehicle was purchased and adapted according to the needs of the project.

On June 25, CGI’s Territorial Vice-president América 3, Júlio Cesar Marques de Lima, attended a ceremony on the city of Barbacena where he participated in the official delivery of the vehicle financed by CIAD/CGI and by the SSVP National Council of Brazil to the “Child Jesus” Conference, which coordinate the “Hands Feeding” Project.

Before handing over the keys of the new vehicle to the young President of the “Child Jesus” Conference, the CGI Territorial Vice-president, accompanied by other SSVP leaders, congratulated the young members of the conference for their dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, noting that the Project that serves homeless people is a great example for the entire SSVP.