Date of publication: 08/07/2022

The Council General holds “All Africa” Assembly in Nairobi

Council General International

The last event held in that continent took place in 2015

From July 20th to 23 rd , the city of Nairobi, capital of Kenya, will host the 2 nd “All Africa Assembly”, which will bring together the presidents of the Superior Councils of the 41 African countries, as well as representatives of the General Council and special guests. The central theme of the meeting is “Transformative advocacy: Serving a Changing Africa”.

The event takes place at the “Dimesse” Retreat House, which belongs to the Congregation of the Dimesse Sisters Daughters of Mary Immaculate (or simply “Dimesse Sisters”), with Franciscan roots. The word “Dimesse” means “people stripped, humble, minor”.

The day before (July 19th), the 16 th President General International, brother Renato Lima, will meet with the SSVP brothers and sisters of Kenya, during which time he will address a special message about the projects and initiatives being undertaken by the Council General. There will also be a courtesy visit to the bishop of the Diocese of Ngomg, Monsignor John Oballa Owaaa.

On the first day of the event (July 20th), the agenda includes the celebration of Holy Mass by Archbishop Philip Anyolo, Archbishop of Nairobi, an opening ceremony with several speeches and two presentations: “Vincentian Charism” (Father Humpreys Makokha, CM) and “Progress since the last assembly in 2015” (Brother Joseph Makwinja, 1st Vice-President General Deputy).

The second day (July 21st) will have several presentations and debates regarding the reality of the SSVP in different African countries, about refugees and homeless people, health care and the current situation of youth. All participants will be invited to express their own opinions and ideas on how the SSVP can improve its performance to better serve the poor. A Holy Mass will be celebrated. On July 22nd, there will be lectures on leadership, communication, and good governance. The Territorial Vice-presidents will coordinate a debate session with the National Presidents about the problems and challenges of the region, trying to point out solutions and alternative ways of serving those in need. On this day, brother Renato Lima will make a special presentation to those present, regarding the achievements of the Council General since 2016, the starting date of the current mandate. There will also be another Eucharistic celebration on that day.

On the last day (July 23rd), the agenda foresees a visit to Vincentian and tourist places in the region, sponsored by the National Council of Kenya. After the assembly, President Lima de Oliveira will begin his visit to two Lusophone African countries: Angola and São Tomé & Principe (more details soon).

The Council General is very grateful to brother Urbanus Muthai, National President, and his competent team, for the logistic organization of the event. We also thank the various National Councils outside Africa, which collaborated with large financial donations to pay the airfare expenses of several participants.

We ask for your prayers for success of this meeting, and may the Good Lord bless the “All Africa” Assembly.