Date of publication: 28/06/2023

Visit to the National Council of Brazil

Council General International

The President General was able to see the impeccable organization of the Brazilian SSVP

On June 3rd, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General of the SSVP, made an official visit to Brazil by attending a regular meeting of the National Council, whose headquarters are in Rio de Janeiro. 

Before the meeting, a Holy Mass was celebrated by Father Emanoel Bedê Bertunes, National Spiritual Advisor, in the headquarters’ chapel. It was the third visit of brother Renato Lima to the Brazil Council during his seven years in office.

The meeting began with the presentation of information regarding the presidency, the secretariat, the treasury, and the projects and initiatives of the National Council, as well as reports of events and activities by the youth, formation, heritage, children and adolescents departments, among others. The presidents of the Metropolitan Councils then shared the most important news from their regions. A coffee break followed.

After the break, the President General thanked Brazil immensely for the support given to the General Council, through the annual financial contributions, for international twinning with a few nations, for the interaction with the Portuguese-speaking and South American countries and for the dissemination of the CGI news in Brazilian territory. 

Brother Renato also thanked Brazil for the logistical organization of the 3rd Territorial Meeting, which brought together the 12 National Presidents of South America,  This event was held in the city of Aparecida, at the national Marian shrine last May. He also thanked them for the ongoing projects that are examples for all the councils that make up our Confederation.On that occasion, brother Renato pre-launched the book “Circular Letters written between 2017 and 2023”, a publication of his authorship that was officially launched in Rome (Italy) on June 18, at the 3rd Lusophone Summit, during the week of the General Assembly. At the end of the meeting, the President General presented the National Council with a picture of the seven founders and a relic of Blessed Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam.