Date of publication: 23/03/2023

Visit the Council General’s office in Brasilia

Council General International

The location supports the executive and administrative activities of the President General

The office of the Council General International located in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, was installed in 2016, when brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General, was elected. Brasília is the city where President Renato works and lives with his family (wife Andréa and children Gustavo and Bianca).

The existence of this office is very important for the quality and efficiency of the President’s administrative activities. The office works in a rented 40 square meters room in the “Asa Norte” neighborhood, central area of the capital, and has an antechamber, living room, pantry and bathroom. The building has a garage for cars. All the office expenses are very low.

There is all the appropriate infrastructure in place to perform the executive activities of the President General, such as furniture, computer, printer, and internet. To assist him in his Vincentian service, he has an intern to help him: sister Maria de Fátima, who organizes the schedule of events and flight reservations, as well as other services such as mail and notarial services.

The office also serves as a collection place for the numerous gifts that the President General receives when he visits the countries, and as soon as his mandate is over, these souvenirs will be taken to the international headquarters in Paris, and there they will stay in the “Presidential Showcase”, together with gifts and souvenirs that have been given to other Presidents General, previous to Renato.

The office houses a small library with current and some historical books, among them publications by Clavé and Ozanam. There are also several relics of saints. The President General uses the office to record videos and participate in online events. The titles of citizenship bestowed upon him during his term of office, as well as medals and commendations, are also on display there.

Vincentians who would like to visit the Council General’s office in Brasilia can contact sisyer Maria de Fátima at and schedule a time to visit. The President General will be truly happy to receive everyone, and of course, serve a delicious Brazilian coffee to visitors.