Date of publication: 24/11/2022

Results of the international competition to promote quality education 


The laureates will attend the International Youth Meeting of the Vincentian Family and participate in World Youth Day, July 29 to August 6, 2023.

On June 14th, 2022, Brother Willian Alves, International Vice-President for Youth, Children and Adolescents, introduced the international competition “Young Vincentians: Committed to quality education to fight poverty”.  

The idea of holding the contest came from brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General International, and had the full support of all the Board members, since the strengthening of Vincentian youth is one of the strategic objectives of this mandate.

The objective of this contest was to select social projects with a focus on quality education as an effective means of combating poverty, to be implemented in Vincentian countries. 

The participation period began on June 15 and ended on October 15 of this year. During this period, 43 projects were received in which young people from the following nationalities participated: Brazil, Nigeria, India, Kenya, South Africa, Honduras, Guatemala, Philippines, Chad, Ghana, Tanzania, Botswana, Mozambique, Trinidad and Tobago, Nepal, Malawi and Haiti.

The competition jury appreciates the participation of the 43 young people who submitted their proposals and congratulates them for the very creative and ingenious projects they developed. 

Among the projects received are the following: training for teachers and volunteers, creation of educational spaces, preservation of endangered languages, educational camps, library habilitation, early stimulation for educational disorders, among many others. Each Vincentian territory is encouraged to follow up on the projects submitted and review costs and budgets so that they can become reality. 

The winners of the contest are: 

  • Juliana Joseph.                 Haiti.                  America 1.
  • Cecilia Monterroso.       Guatemala.        America 2.
  • Andrea Flores.                  Honduras.          America 2.
  • Juliana Rosa.                     Brazil.                America 3.
  • Iohannes Henrique.       Brazil.                America 3. 
  • Felipe Porto.                     Brazil.                America 3.
  • Irene Mutinde.                 Kenya.               Africa 1.
  • Polit Edward.                    Nigeria.             Africa 1.
  • Gijon Cox.                       South Africa.     Africa 2.
  • Felix Manjate.                  Mozambique.   Africa 2.
  • Arum Sharmila.                India.                Asia 1.
  • Philip Cortes.                   Philippines.        Asia 2.

Many thanks to all participants and congratulations to our winners!

International Competition Jury.