Date of publication: 23/02/2023

International Board meeting – February 25th, 2023

Council General International

The next day, the grave of co-founder Le Taillandier will be visited

On February 25th, the International Board of the Council General will meet in Paris (France) for its first gathering of the year. The meeting will be held at the world headquarters of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, which is equipped for such events with an auditorium and translation booths.

The agenda includes the following highlights: timetable for the elections of the 17th General President; General Assembly in Rome; 3rd Lusophone Summit; Ozanam’s canonization; Mass for the 190th SSVP anniversary; Youth Days (Lisbon 2023); drafts documents and books to be launched and SSVP Plus.

The next day, February 26th, the Board’s members will travel to the City of Rouen, 150 km from Paris. There, the representatives of the Council General will visit the places where Pierre-Auguste Le Taillandier (one of the seven founders of the SSVP) lived, worked and is buried. The city’s Vincentians are preparing a nice reception for the international delegation.

Since being elected 16th President General International, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira has held about 30 meetings of the Board. The Statutes of the Council General calls for a minimum of three meetings a year; however, during this term, the average was one meeting per quarter.

“The members of our Board are very qualified people from different continents with complementary visions. This helps me a lot in the decision-making process. Having them with me is an opportunity for great growth, especially in the areas of leadership and administrative management. I want to publicly acknowledge two of their main virtues: dedication and loyalty”, commented President Lima de Oliveira.

Following the activities in Paris and Rouen, the President General will visit Monaco and Nice (France) in the company of the Secretary General International, sister Marie-Françoise Salesiani-Payet. We ask for your prayers for the success of all the events that will take place during these days.