Date of publication: 05/04/2023

Holy Week Message. SSVP Italy

Council General International

“Jesus reminds us that his way is the way of love, and there is no true love without self-denial.” Angelus message of Pope Francis, Sunday, September 3rd, 2017.

“The soldiers led Jesus away, and as they were going, they met a man from Cyrene named Simon who was coming into the city from the country. They seized him, put the cross on him, and made him carry it behind Jesus” (Lc 23-26)    

There can be no gift without sacrifice. Therefore, when the gift is also a joy, that joy is a symbol of faith that illuminates with hope and goodness both the life of the giver and that of the receiver, united by mutual gratitude.

Sacrifice and gift are the legacy of Christ on the cross and it is through them that He is the Redeemer. By this holy example we measure our daily acts which, although infinitely small, are not for that reason without meaning, precisely because, if only by referring to the example of Jesus, they attract the Promise.

This is the Promise and the gift of the Savior: the certainty that, regardless of evil and death on earth, men and women have the right to a greater life in Heaven. Every gift, every kindness, every care exchanged among God’s children is a microscopic spark of that eternal flame. And a foretaste of the infinite joy that awaits us.

This is my thought for the Vincentian members and volunteers who, in recent months, have had to face ever greater demands, because the need has grown both in Italy and abroad, while the forces of the Conferences have been deployed without diminishing efforts: do not hide from others and from your own eyes your own fatigue and sadness before the injustice, misery and tribulation of the needy whom you assist.

This pain, this fatigue, is the true gift for which, following the example of our founder, we should be grateful to the people with whom we have the good fortune to share it.

On behalf of myself and the entire Executive Board, a Happy and Holy Easter to each and every one of you.

The National President

Paola Da Ros