Date of publication: 11/04/2022

CGI is preparing a special mission in Scandinavia

Council General International

The idea is to establish our Society to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland

It is part of the strategic objectives of the Council General International in this mandate (2016-2023) to expand the SSVP into new territories. This initiative is being done through SSVP PLUS PROJECT.

This approach is in line with our seven founders’ dreams. Since 2016, seven new countries have joined the Confederation: Liberia, Albania, Cyprus, Cayman Islands, Vatican, Tanzania, and Cape Verde. 

Despite the pandemic period that the planet is experiencing, this action has not stopped at the borders of the countries. It has continued to develop thanks to the maintenance of communication with the targeted territories. Now, Council General International is reaching the four countries of Scandinavia, in Europe.

This mission will take place in May 2022 under the leadership of International Territorial Vice-president (ITVP) for Europe 1, brother Laszlo Koenczoel, accompanied by Gonzague de Raulin, special advisor to the 16º President General International, brother Renato Lima. 

The CGI delegation will visit the four capitals (Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki), trying to reach parishes, dioceses, Catholic schools, embassies, Vincentian Family branches, and other possible partners, to get their support to establish the first Conferences. These sets of meetings are on the agenda in each capital.

“I am very happy with the mission that will be done in Scandinavia. God will open all the doors, and surely, with faith, we will reach the goal of founding at least one Conference in the capital of each country. I hope that many newcomers will want to join the SSVP in these new countries, helping not only the poor in their region, but especially the needy in other parts of the world”, highlighted President Renato.

Respectful of the action of the Church in these places, the whole process will be done in total articulation and harmony with the Nordic Bishops’ Conference. The bishops of Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki will kindly receive the CGI delegation. We are particularly grateful to its president, Cardinal Anders Arborelius, for his forthcoming welcome.

“The mission that will be undertaken taking into consideration the guidelines that are contained in the SSVP PLUS PROJECT Manual, which guide the best way to found a Conference in a new country. Besides that action, we must pray that people with a vocation for charity show up. We pray especially for the good development of this mission that we entrust to Blessed Antoine-Frederic Ozanam and to the Virgin Mary”, observed brother Julio Cesar Marques de Lima, in charge of the project.