Date of publication: 22/07/2022

2nd. All Africa Assembly. Summary of day 2

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21st July 2022

Holy Mass

The breaking of the sunny day was graced with a Holy Mass Con-Celebrated by Fr. David Mwaura CM (Spiritual Adviser SSVP Nairobi Area Council), Fr. Flavio Jose Pereira CM (Vincentian Family Office –VFO), Fr. Humpreys Makokha CM (Assistant Coordinator and National Spiritual Adviser SSVP National Council of Kenya) and Fr. Ronald Dameni CM (Spiritual Adviser of Botswana). The celebration featured a unique style of worship into language groups: thus inviting a representative from the English speaking countries to take the liturgy of the word.


In his homily, the cleric Fr David as the chief celebrant invited the Assembly to reflect with him on the message of Jesus from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew 13, 10 – 17. The priest noted that the ability to see, hear and listen to understand require divine providence from God which should not be neglected. The meeting is a passage for Vincentians to gather together to learn from one another, see with new eyes and hear from God so that they can in turn listen attentively when they are in company of those we serve.

The question became imperative on what we hear individually and as a group during the holy mass. Do we open our hearts to listen to God when he speaks to us? How often have we acknowledged the presence of Christ and valued his teachings to enable us make meaningful impact in people’s lives? As Vincentians, this is an invitation to follow Jesus Christ, see with his eyes, hear with his ears, listen to his Words and be more charitable.

Speakers of Day 2

Without much ado, the program formalities followed suit at 9:00 through 10:30am with the presentations on existing and emerging issues in Africa from experts.

Migration and Internally Displaced Persons (IPDs) in Africa

The guest speaker – sister Dee Dungy – of the Jesuits Service Kenya (JRS) took participants on the historical antecedent, causes, challenges faced while sharing experiences of victims. She equally provided possible measures to curb the situation and an interactive question and answer took place shortly. Brother Joseph Makwinja praised the speaker.

Presentation on Cancer and its management

An informing and thought-provoking lecture centered its focus on health related issues. The speaker Dr. Wilson Morsbey of Kenyatta National Hospital – Nairobi gave a detailed oncological health challenges posed to humans. He exposed the subconscious mind on the little things when neither overlooked nor treated could pose a threat to our health. He further highlighted types, stages, causes of cancers while proffering solutions to combat it. Questions and answers were entertained for clarity purposes. National President of Kenya appreciated the quest speaker on behalf of the Assembly.

Presentation on Systemic Change

The Vice-president General, brother Joseph Pandian, was at hand to deliver his paper on the above subject matter. He gave a deeper understanding clarifying the notion. And buttressing his disclosure on the synergy for the essential tools needed to strategize to fight poverty.

Presentation on Gender mainstreaming and Youth participation

Another educative highlight of the event accessed policies implementations that will affect men and women positively and active youth participation as drives to integral part of a process was conducted by Fred Olweny – NGO CORAT. He enumerated other key factors that enhance equal opportunities for men and women and their inclusion in decision making processes. This session recorded question and answers from participants. Joseph Makwinja thanked the quest for his availability and presence.


At the end, general discussions on the day’s topics and commentary by National Presidents on the role of the SSVP in addressing emerging issues in Africa were critically looked into. As moderated by the International Territorial Vice Presidents (ITVPs) – Ilidio Fernando (ITVP Africa 3), Lievin Muamba (ITVP Africa 2) Ella Bitar (ITVP Middle East/ North Africa) and Godwin Patrick Ebhojie (ITVP Africa 1): the lead moderator – Bro Godwin Patrick Ebhojie of Africa 1 briefed participants on modus operandi. Randomly, participants and national presidents took turns to submit critical issues they felt need reviews to improve the Assembly as well as the Society in general.


All participants utilized the coffee breaks to unwind. Other announcements were communicated accordingly and afterwards the sessions were formally closed. This second day was really very good, for the quality of the lectures and the level of the debates.

Synthesis prepared by sister Patricia Oluchi ONUOHA

International Communication Team

Council General International