Date of publication: 17/08/2023

Training Programme in Sri Lanka

Council General International

The Council General International (CGI) organized a training program in Sri Lanka, which was led by brothers Johnson Varghese (Territorial Vice-President Asia-1) and A. Francis (Territorial Training Delegate Asia-1).

The first phase of the program was delivered on July 29 in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. It was attended by approximately 475 Vincentians from the surrounding districts and a few spiritual advisors.

The topics covered were: Essential Characteristics of the SSVP, Foundation of the Society, Structure of the Society, Running a Conference, Home Visits and Vincentian Spirituality.  Presentations in English were translated into Sinhala, the vernacular language. Before the beginning of each session, leaflets in Sinhala were distributed to the participants.  At the end of the program there was a question and answer period.

The next training session was held  the following day in Kandi, Sri Lanka.  The program was attended by about 300 Tamil-speaking Vincentians as well as a few spiritual counsellors. The material was presented in Tamil, the mother tongue of the participants who also received booklets in that language.  The session was followed by a question and answer period. In total, 80% of the Sri Lanka Vincentian community attended the formations.

The President of the National Council of Sri Lanka, the Presidents of the Central Councils of Colombo and Kandi (brothers Surangika Priyadharshini and Malcom) and the Spiritual Advisor of the National Council were among those who organized these well received programs.

Dr. A. Francis (Territorial Delegate for Formation – Asia – I)