Date of publication: 25/08/2022

The Christ the King Conference of Abuja (Nigeria) celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Council General International

The Conference was founded on July 20, 1997 with 20 members and obtained its aggregation on April 20, 1998.

During the last 25 years, the number of members of the Conference has been increasing and it has always worked in harmony with the parish priests.  

The transition in the leadership of the Conference has always been very smooth and cordial, and new members, especially young people, have been invited successfully to join it. The fraternal love among the members and their willingness to give and serve is life-giving. This is truly the strength of the Conference, which meets every Saturday morning at 7:30 am.

On July 23, as part of its 25th anniversary activities, a retreat was held for the members, led by Fr. John Ogbe, CM.

On July 30, the Conference organized a free Hepatitis B screening and vaccination clinic when more than 150 people received the dose.

On July 31, the Conference held a thanksgiving celebration and the teachers who collaborate with the Conference received sewing machines and grinders to facilitate the instruction of the students.

The work of the founders of the Conference and the service of some of its veteran members were also recognized. In fact, posthumous recognition was given to two of them: Paul Nwachukwu and Obiageli Adoro, with the wish that their souls may rest in peace.

Sister Joy Ohiagu (former president of the Abuja Central Council) receiving her award.
Person to whom the Conference financed a heart operation in India a few years ago. Also in the picture is the President of the Central Council of Abuja (4th from the right), brother Vitalis Ugchukwu Anaedobe and, on the left, the President of the Conference, brother Albert Nzekwu.
Together with the Daughters of Charity.