Date of publication: 29/08/2022

Territorial Youth Delegates meet in Paris


The International Committee of Youth, Children and Teenagers of the Society of Saint
Vincent de Paul will be meeting in Paris/France from September 7 to 9, 2022 in Paris,

According to the International Vice President for Youth, Children and Teenagers, brother Willian Alves who will preside over these days of activities, “this meeting is much awaited by Committee members, from it we will have a panorama of the effective presence of young people in our institution, we will be able to see the fruits and learnings of the initiatives proposed so far, move forward until the end of the mandate with new activities and most importantly enable the continuity of the mission of the International Youth Committee, and think how we want Vincentian youth for the coming years.”

The agenda of the young leaders who make up this Vice-Presidency is very loaded. There will be moments to strengthen spirituality, several meetings and discussions about the performance of young people, children and teenagers within the SSVP, the formation of National Youth Committees, an evaluation of each territorial region, the advances made so far, new opportunities and a projection of what young people expect for the future of the SSVP.

An evaluation of the activities promoted by the International Committee is also anticipated. The proposal of an International Manual for National Youth Committees (unpublished yet by the International General Council) will enable even more the promotion of young people and reinforce the primitive spirit of this youth action within our Society.

The event will also have 3 specific trainings for Committee members.

The first one, under the responsibility of the 16th President General, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, who will open the meeting and will talk about the Strategic Plan of the CGI, specifically Item 3, which deals with youth, and all the advances made so far, and will reinforce the commitment made since his election and inauguration to facilitate the role of youth, children and teenagers in the SSVP.

The second formation will be under the responsibility of brother Marcos Perassoli, member of the CGI Communication team, who will talk about communication strategies to reach the youth and to strengthen recruitment.

And the third training will be under the responsibility of sister Claire Victory, current President of the National Council of Australia and President of the International Financial Accountability Commission (IFAC – CGI in English), which will address the relationship of the young founders with the contemporaty young people and how it is possible to be a young leader in SSVP.

The organization of the SSVP’s participation at the next International Youth Meeting of the Vincentian Family and at the World Youth Day, which will take place in 2023 in Portugal is also part of the agenda.

Preparations will begin for the 3rd International Meeting of National Youth Coordinators to be held in Salamanca, Spain in 2024 (Salamanca+15).

One of the most awaited moments will be the participation of youth in the commemorations of September 9 (Liturgical Feast of Blessed Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam), which will be held in the Crypt where the body of the main founder of the SSVP rests.

The Youth will also attend the meeting of the Board of Directors of the International General Council, at the invitation of the President General. This meeting takes place on September 10 in Paris, France and on September 11, the delegates will participate in a pilgrimage with members of the Board to the city of Colombiers, the city of Jules Devaux (one of the seven founders of the SSVP).