Date of publication: 26/10/2022

Statement by Electoral Board in relation to the Election of the 17th President General International

Council General International

Paris, October 25th, 2022.

In accordance with the Electoral Rules governing the conduct of this election (a copy of which may be found below) the latest date for the receipt of nominations was 15 October 2022.

By that deadline, valid nominations for five candidates had been received. The next stage in the agreed electoral process is for the Electoral Board to contact each of the candidates nominated, validate the personal information given and ensure that it complies with the requirements of the International Statutes.

At this stage, none of those nominated can be regarded as an eligible candidate. This must await the final declaration of the Electoral Board which will announce the names of all eligible candidates at the same time. Until then the names of those nominated must remain confidential.

It would be most unfair to those nominated if the name of one was identified and promoted by supporters when the names of the others are not public knowledge. We strongly urge all SSVP members to respect the Electoral Rules.

May we draw attention to the prohibition on canvassing, approved at the General Assembly in 2016 (an amendment to Basic Requirement 11, fifth paragraph).

We kindly ask that this statement be widely disseminated within our Confederation.


Thomas Joseph Pandian, Vice-president General

Marie Francoise Salesiani-Payet, Secretary General

Larry Tuomey, Treasurer General