Date of publication: 24/10/2022

International Training Meeting in Madrid

Council General International

On November 3rd and 4th, the 2nd International Training Workshop will be held in Madrid (Spain), to be attended by the delegates of this service area at the Council General International (CGI).

At this meeting, the initiatives developed in the field of formation & training under International Vice-President, sister María Luisa Téllez (from Spain), will be presented as well as the objectives achieved since she assumed this responsibility.

One of the central issues of the meeting will be the presentation of the basic themes that currently make up the “Universal Formation,” which will be discussed, assessed and agreed upon by all those present. The general idea is to expand Vincentian formation as this theme is a priority of the international strategic planning of this mandate.

The National President of the SSVP Spain, brother Juan Manuel Buergo, who also  chairs  the  “Seven Founders” Department at the CGI, will make a welcoming speech. President General, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, will also attend the event. He will give a one-hour presentation followed by a questions and answers (Qs & As) period on November 3rd.

“Formation is the key to many things, especially to make the work of our members in our Conferences and with those in need more robust, effective and decisive. We have to modernize the way we act because new forms of poverty are emerging and growing. Therefore, the better the formation of our members, the better the charity we offer to those who suffer”, emphasized  President Lima de Oliveira.

“We hope and wish that this meeting will serve to make a good compilation of what has been done in the field of international formation; and that it will also be an open door to the future of this exciting and necessary field for all members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in every corner of the world,” said sister María Luisa Téllez, International Vice-president for Formation & Training.

This is not the first time that the territorial training delegates have met to share their experiences and goals. In 2018, the 1st Workshop took place in Madrid and served to define the strategic themes that today make up “International Formation”.

The delegates work in close harmony with the Territorial Vice-Presidents but receive guidance and directives from the International Vice-President in each filed of activity such as training, youth, special projects, etc.

The 1st Assistant Vice-President General, brother Joseph Makwinja (from Botswana), responsible for two International Vice-Presidencies (formation and youth), sent a letter thanking the territorial formation delegates for their work as well as affirming the essential role of formation for the SSVP. Click here to read it.