Date of publication: 25/01/2023

John Berry, president elect of SSVP in the United States

World News

After 25 years of professional carrer in companies, and in the United States federal government, working in the fields of nuclear energy and environmental engineering, our brother assumed the general direction of SSVP in Georgia in 2006. He is now the newly elected National President of the SSVP in the United States and will take office on September 9, 2023.

Always worried with poverty and the most vulnerable families need, John Berry will put all your engagement and skills  to peform his service as National President of a contry which the SSVP counts with 100 000 brothers/sisters, distributed in more tahn 4 400 Conferences.

During the electoral process, the finalista applications were the John Berry’s and the Brian Burgess‘. In the words of President General, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, “Both Northamerican applicants, John and Brian, are very good brothers, engaged and committed, with the right qualities to be an excelent president of the National Council of the United States. For this reason, the Council General was very glad already. Now that we know who won the election, we receive John with arms wide open, we’re already sure the he will keep the good working that our brother Ralph Middlecamp began 6 six years ago“.

The President General deepned into the figure of the ideal president and into the good work from the United-States‘ SSVP, adding that “our beloved brother Ralph has served with a high professional level, but, above all, with much charity. The USA are an exemple for our Confederation, and we’re sure that with John we’ll have the same availability and proximity.