Date of publication: 13/08/2022

Council General publishes the Electoral Rules

Council General International

The elections will happen on June 2023

Letter 01/2022

Paris, 13 August 2022

To Presidents of all Superior (National), Assimilated and Associated Councils

Dear Presidents,

As promised in my letter to you of 15 June 2022 announcing the forthcoming election in June 2023 for the 17th President General following the expiration of the term of office of the current President General, our dear brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, the Electoral Board appointed under Rule 3.6, of which I am Chair, has drawn up “Electoral Rules”.

I have pleasure in enclosing for your consideration a copy of the “Electoral Rules” which sets out the process for the election as required by the Rule and Statutes, including the eligibility of candidates and the dates by which various stages of the nomination process must be completed.

Please ensure that this document is disseminated throughout the Society at all levels in your territory and encourage members to be familiar with its contents and the election process so as to “feel intimately involved in it” (as the commentary to Rule 3.3 puts it).

As advised in my letter of 15 June, in the spirit of Rule 3.3, you are invited to encourage an appropriate consultation of all members to ensure that they are as closely involved in the election process as possible. This will hopefully facilitate the emergence of potential candidates.

After taking these views into account and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, those Presidents who are electors will vote next June (2023) for the candidate who will best promote “the Society’s mission to the poor, the spiritual development of members, the profound unity and organizational effectiveness of the Society” (Rule 3.3).

As the Electoral Rules set out, the latest date for nominating candidates to be the next President General is 15 OCTOBER 2022. The process for doing so is in the Electoral Rules but should any need for clarification arise, Presidents are invited to contact the Electoral Board directly.

It is vital for the continued growth and development of the Society in its mission on behalf of those who are poor and disadvantaged that we have an outstanding member as President General. Let us all continue to pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance that the right candidate emerges and that the right choice is made.

Yours fraternally,