Date of publication: 26/07/2022

2nd All Africa Assembly – Weekend

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Saturday – 23rd July 2022

Members of the Assembly received blessings from the Holy Mass celebration officiated by Father David Mwaura CM (Spiritual Adviser SSVP Nairobi Area Council). As it was, French speaking countries took the liturgy of the Word. Fr David gave an explicit sermon posed questions to support his teachings, how’s our attitude towards the poor? Of what mind set do we perform tasks entrusted to us as Vincentians. He stated that only those who do the Will of God shall be rewarded. And further enjoined all present to ensure that to be in the right frame of mind to render qualitative work of charity to the poor and seek the face of God for directions.

Delegates after breakfast were divided into two groups: one part led by the National Council of Kenya and Council General International crew visited Vincentian services and institutional places, others guided by Kenyan Council members toured into the City of Nairobi. Members drove into the streets of Nairobi visiting one place and another, catching every glimpse of the city iconic sites and buildings, such as Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), the Cathedral Church – Holy Family Minor Basilica and the local market (Kariokor Market) among other beautiful sites. And they eternalize the events with group photographs. The visits lasted 3 hours each and the times allocated were fully utilized. Retiring back to the venue, members were served dinner while exchange of pleasantries continued.

Sunday – 24th July 2022

Sunday marked the official closing of the “All Africa Assembly 2022” (AAA 2022) with a Thanksgiving Mass held at Regina Caeli Catholic Church Karen, Nairobi Kenya. Members attended the Holy Mass slated for 9:30 AM. The chief shepherd Fr. Stephen Omondi Parish Priest of Regina Coeli, Karen celebrated the mass, assisted by Fr Ronald Dameni CM (Spiritual Adviser of Botswana) and other priests present.

The officiating minister Fr Stephen welcomed the congregation to the Holy Eucharistic celebration which brought prayer as a connection of reverence, trust, providence and acknowledgement of God’s supernatural manifestation to mankind. The reading emphasizes on the “willingness to help” and the use “Ask, Seek and Knock” method to accomplish the task. The readings enjoined all to understand that there is power in prayer and demonstration of God’s divine answers through faith if we keep to His Word. They supplement all human wants and it comes by been in loyalty, anticipation and obedience of Gods Will.

He expatiated his teaching that God answers all prayers according to His love and wisdom, what is paramount is the way we approach God and render service to humanity: for Prayer has rules: adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication. And we should allow that to be visible in our daily endeavours. More so, we too as Vincentians should avail ourselves to the fulfilment of His Word. To accomplish our service efficiently we need to pray without ceasing and continue to pray until something happens. Let’s not forget to come to God in our difficult moments.

Other Eucharistic rites were observed during the Mass while the choir ministration held the congregation spell bound with their harmony’s rhythmic performance. The house of worship experienced a moment of gratitude from the President General International of SSVP, brother Renato Lima, in appreciation to the archbishop for his benevolence towards the National Council of Kenya and by extension his keen approval to host our international event which brought a handful of African Presidents together.

He, adding, that this auspicious gathering wouldn’t have been made possible without the relentless efforts of the young and vibrant Council president, brother Urbanus Kinuthia, with his team. The PGI equally appreciated Fr Stephen for his acceptance to open a Conference in his parish and the Church of God for their maximum cooperation, assistance and love showered towards our lords, masters and friends despite that the Society is still young. After mass dismissal, the delegation took a group photograph for remembrance. As they retired back to the venue, all participants safely travelled back to their respective countries of residence. See you in AAA 2027!

Synthesis prepared by sister Patricia Oluchi ONUOHA

International Communication Team

Council General International