Date of publication: 09/06/2023

Several publications will be launched during our General Assembly

Council General International

The five launches demonstrate the magnitude of the international work of SSVP.

The leaders of the Council General, with the support of the staff in Paris, are finalizing preparations for the General Assembly 2023, which will be held in Rome June 13-17, 2023. The agenda comprises the launching of five new publications.

The first launch are the “Guidelines for SSVP Youth Committees”, which will orient and provide procedures for each Council to establish a Youth Committee. This document was prepared by the International Vice-Presidency for Youth, Children and Adolescents, headed by brother William Alves.

Another publication is the “Global Report”, which contains information and statistics about the SSVP in each territory, as well as the activities, projects and programs developed by the Council General in recent years. This report was produced by the Council General’s communication team, led by brother Carlos Lafarga.

The third publication to be launched is the booklet “How to revitalize our Conferences”, a document containing a complete diagnosis of the aging situation in the world and in the SSVP and, suggestions for the rejuvenation of SSVP entities. This initiative was led by brother Julio César Marques de Lima (VPTI America 3) with the help of a team of experts.

The fourth release is the book “Circular Letters written between 2017 and 2023” (photo), bringing together in one book the eight letters written during his mandate by brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, our 16th President General. This was a recurring request that the President General has received during his visits to the countries.

Finally, the e-book “Holiness in the Vincentian Conferences”, authored by writer Gesiel Junior, will be launched at the 3rd Lusophone Summit (Portuguese Speaking countries) to be held on June 18. The book brings together the biographical profiles of servants of God, venerable, blessed and saints who have passed through the ranks of the SSVP, totaling more than 90 examples of brothers and sisters who sanctified themselves in the service to the poor.