Date of publication: 15/06/2022

Official visit to Scotland draws near

Council General International

The President General will get to know the Scottish reality during four days of activities

With the grace of God, between June 21 and 24, the 16th President   General   International,   brother   Renato   Lima   de Oliveira, will make his first official visit to Scotland.

He   will   be   accompanied   by   brother   Laszlo   Könczöl (International Territorial Vice-president for Europe 1).

The agenda is being prepared with great care by the local Vincentian leadership, under the coordination of brother Daniel Collins, national president. Three cities will be visited: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Motherwell.

The proposed program includes: liturgical celebrations; meetings in Councils and Conferences; meetings   with   the   Vincentian   Family;   visits   to   social   special   works;   meetings   with   staff   at Vincentian   headquarters;   audiences  with  clergy   and  government   representatives;   and   social events with the brothers and sisters.

A special highlight was the activities involving Conferences formed by children and adolescents, and the 175º anniversary of the first Vincentian Conference in Scotland, held at St. Patrick’s in Edinburgh.

After all the Masses in which he will participate, President Renato will address brief words to the Vincentians and the Catholic community present, in each of the churches visited. Sancta Familia Media a communications company will follow all the activities and will organize interviews, videos and live broadcasts.

The Council General thanks the National Council of Scotland from the bottom of its heart for their dedication and organization to make this visit go as smoothly as possible, with God’s grace.