Date of publication: 13/06/2022

Live broadcast of the Annual Meetings Paris 2022

Council General International

Through Ozanam TV’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel, any member from all over the world will be able to experience live the most important moments of this event.

On June 14, from 1PM to 5PM (Paris-France time), the meeting of the Permanent Section of the International Council General will be broadcasted with interesting information such as the Moral Report of the President General, the financial information by the Treasurer General and the report of the Secretariat by the Secretary General. In addition, information will be provided on the international aid related to the face of the conflict in Ukraine. The Charity in Hope medal will be awarded to the organization Fraternity without Borders.

The following day, June 15, from 1PM to 5PM, the meetings of the Permanent Section and of the International Executive Committee will be broadcasted, with presentations by the International Vice Presidents and reports on their respective areas of service. In addition, there will presentations on governance in the SSVP, the launch of new manuals to help in the creation of Conferences and the electoral table will be formed to conduct the next election for President General in 2023.

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