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Join LanClub and Be Part of our Translators’ Club

Project managed, coordinated and overseen by the CGI’s Communications Commission, headquartered in Spain.

Due to the large volume and promptness required for translations of news, documents reports and presentations to be delivered into the four official languages, LanClub, formerly called ‘the Translators’ Club’, is an initiative launched in September 2018 by our fellow member, President General, Renato Lima. It was thought up as an opportunity to allow members and collaborators, who master any language other than their mother tongue, to become online volunteers wherever they were in the world. 

This Project, led by the Communications Commission of the Council General International, consists of a volunteer language service provider, aimed at creating multilingual content for 152 countries, so that all members can communicate across the globe.

LanClub, made up of volunteer translators and interpreters, aged 20 to 75, has the two-fold goal of both keeping more than 800,000 members, collaborators and volunteers abreast of the ongoing activities and projects undertaken by the Society, and helping, both directly and indirectly, over 30 million people in need all over the world. Global communication must be prompt and effective, and, to this end, our team of volunteer translators, coordinated by the CGI’s Communications Commission, helps us achieve this. 

If you need further information or wish to join in, contact the CGI’s International Communications Commission at