Date of publication: 08/08/2022

DePaul University Delegation Visits the SSVP International Headquarters

Vincentian Family

Prof. Jacob Furst, Dean of DePaul University in Chicago, a university with over 21,000 students and no less than 201,000 alumni, honoured us with a visit to the Council General Head Office in Paris (France). Professor Furst was acccompanied by a delegation of over 36 people, professors and subject matter experts, department chairs, professors of communication, environmental science, physics, information technology, government affairs, political science, finance, or involved in the 7 arts. Each visitor was  eager to learn about the founding of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul,  its founder(s), social issues at the time of its creation and how the Society is radiating out today to address all forms of poverty.

Mark McGreevy, CEO of Depaul International,  was also present and we underline to him the audacity of this branch the Vincentian family, which has this particular attention to help the most needy, especially in these times of conflicts.

President General, Renato Lima de Oliveira, reminds us of our common DNA and invites us to pray:
“We pray that the DNA of Saint Vincent de Paul may give us the strength to work together to encercle the world in a network of charity and to continue our actions throughout the world as dreamed by our main founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam.