Date of publication: 20/05/2022

Council General prepares its five-year report (2016-2021)

Council General International

The 62-page Report 2016-2021 is now available. The document contains numerous photographs, texts and explanatory graphics.

Among the topics, updated statistics, the new international headquarters, the expansion of the SSVP to new countries and the canonization of Ozanam.

This document provides an overview of the main activities that have taken place during the presidency of our brother Renato Lima de Oliveira and his international team.

This work is divided into 8 chapters: Introduction, Presence of the General Council, Financial Report, Formation, Communications, Youth and Institutional Life.

The document can be printed and distributed to all conferences and councils. It is requested that copies be given to religious and political leaders in each country. Enjoy the reading!

Click here to read and print the report