Date of publication: 09/12/2022

Christmas message

Council General International

With great joy, the Council General International releases this video, with subtitles in four languages, produced by Ozanam TV, containing the Christmas Message 2022.

At the request of our President General, brother Renato Lima, this year the format of the message was different, as each member of the International Board, in his own language, participated in the video.

The result was very beautiful. It is worth watching, sharing and sending the link to our Vincentian friends, both in the Conferences and outside the SSVP, within the Vincentian Family and the Holy Church.

The Council General wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and that 2023, the International Year of Jules Gossin (2nd General President), be crowned with blessings and achievements, with much health and peace.

My dear brothers and sisters, we are celebrating the Lord’s Christmas, a time of renewal, tolerance, and reconciliation.

The birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ fills us with hope and peace. The Holy Family of Nazareth is the greatest example of compassion and love. We feel God’s grace filling our hearts through Jesus the Savior. This grace is transforming lives, saving souls, healing the ills of the world.

Christ is God’s greatest gift to humanity. Christ is life! Without Him, we are nothing. Without Him, we are all poor.

May the “yes” of Mary also be the “yes” of humanity. Welcoming the refugee, the sick, the miserable, as we do with Christ.

Today, more than ever, we need to spread Christ’s message throughout the planet. To all who suffer, to the persecuted, to the wronged, to those without hope. To all excluded brothers and sisters, the invisible ones of society.

May Jesus reign in the hearts of all, and may the grace of God fill us with blessings. To end wars, violence, prejudice and intolerance. The world needs peace. The world needs forgiveness. The world needs love. The world needs empathy. To build a less unequal and more just world.

These are the wishes of the General Council International of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul for the entire Vincentian Family.

And that in 2023, International Year of Jules Gossin, 2nd President General, we build a world with more solidarity and fraternity among peoples. Happy Year 2023.