Date of publication: 17/03/2022

CGI Board meets for the first time this year

Council General International

Important matters were approved during the meeting

On March 5, the Board of the Council General International held its first meeting of the year at the General Headquarters in Paris (France) in a hybrid format (face-to-face and online).

Several important matters were submitted for the consideration of the collegiate body:

1) rules for the elections of the President General in 2023;

2) approval of the Protocol on Good Governance and Risk Management, which must be adopted by all the countries of the Confederation;

3) launching of the “Strategy 25” Project, which defines SSVP’s international solidarity actions for the 25 poorest countries in the world;

4) resolutions on the Ukraine conflict, guiding the Superior Councils on the best way to help;

5) creation of the Department for Children and Adolescents;

6) the result of the competition for the lyrics of the song “The Seven Founders” in Italian, English and French

7) missionary action for the foundation of Vincentian Conferences in four Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland), through the “SSVP Plus” Project.

Also reported during the meeting were the inauguration of the International General Headquarters (April 23); the two new exhibits to be displayed at the headquarters (the canonization of Ozanam and the achievements of the current mandate); the Annual Plenary Session of the Council General (June); the 2nd Assembly “All Africa” (July); the trips of the President General to Scotland and Monaco; and other initiatives.

The next meetings of the CGI Board will be held on the following dates: April 24, June 18, September 10 and December 3.