Date of publication: 15/07/2022

Together we are stronger: a journey towards a brighter future

Vincentian Family

The event brought together more than 120 specialists

The “Famvin Homeless Alliance – FHA” Conference (June 7- 9 2022), brought together around 120 practitioners and experts with experience, online and in Seville (Spain) to discuss the needs of people who are refugees, homeless, internally displaced or victims of human trafficking.

Together, we reflected on how the journeys do not end upon arrival at destination; and on their desire to build a future, despite the many barriers they encounter in their pursuit of a dream that unites us all: the right to a safe and dignified life.

The conference also presented an opportunity for Vincentian sharing; reflections on the union and collaboration within the Family itself; and on how this can and should be strengthened to better respond to those in need worldwide.

Vincentian testimonies from all over the world made us look at each other in a ‘mirror of brotherhood’ and we are keen to keep this alive. Gathering the ideas raised at the conference, the FHA collated seven actions to carry into the future.

The SSVP actively participated in the event, with the presence of 15 brothers and sisters, as well as two speakers: brother Jack de Groot (SSVP Australia) and brother Tony Mireles (SSVP USA). From a distance, the conference was attended by brother Renato Lima (President General) and brother Ricardo Tavares (coordinator of the Vincentian Family Department).

Click here to read the summary written by Mark McGreevy, of Depaul International.

The photos of the event can be seen here.

We thank dear Anna Mosca for sending us this news and the attached documents.