Date of publication: 13/04/2022

Stamp dedicated to the founders of the SSVP

Council General International

The SSVP International Territorial Vice-President for Europe 2 has produced a commemorative stamp for each SSVP founder according to the Thematic Years that have been celebrated since 2017.

Since 2017, our brother  Renato Lima de Oliveira has proclaimed the celebration of a Thematic Year for each co-founder of the SSVP. This initiative was carried out with the idea of valuing the role of each founders of our Society. In the Circular of January 31, 2022, the 16th President General officially declared 2022 as the Year of Le Taillandier.

In his letter, the President General emphasized that among the seven founders, Blessed Frederic Ozanam is the one for whom we have the most historical and biographical information. But we must give the same recognition and prominence to the other founders, as  without them we would not be here today, nor would we exist as a Society.

For this reason, and to support this initiative, the International Territorial Vice President for Europe 2, Erwin Josef Țigla, has produced a series of commemorative stamps since 2017. These stamps shows the logo of the Thematic Year that has been realized for each SSVP founder.

On March 23, 2022, the stamp dedicated to the Year of Le Taillandier was put into circulation.