Date of publication: 16/04/2023

First meeting of the territorial Vice Presidents in 2023

Council General International

The meeting was held on-line on March 25.

In 2021, it was agreed to schedule 3 meetings per year of the Territorial Vice Presidents – 1 face-to-face meeting and 2 on-line meetings to discuss issues developing in all regions.

Given the election of the 17th PGI in Rome in June and the inauguration of the PGI in September 2023, it has been deemed appropriate to hold 2 meetings before September: this on-line meeting in March and a face-to-face meeting in Rome in June 2023.

Issues discussed at the March meeting were:

– Twinning:  brother Arthur Schultze updated information concerning this program;

– Implementation of the “International Governance Framework”, as the Territorial Vice Presidents were asked to assure its implementation. At this point, Territorial Vice Presidents Frank Brassil and Julio Lima shared their ideas through powerpoint presentations;

– Subsequently, the following topics were discussed:  election process at National Council level, communication issues, matters to be discussed at the next meeting in Rome and the type of report to be submitted to the 17th President General.

In addition to the 12 ITVPs and brother Maurice Yeung (International Vice President for the SSVP Structure), also present were brother Renato Lima (16th PGI), sister Marie-Francoise Salesiani-Payet (Secretary General), brother Larry Tuomey (Treasurer General) and brother Sebastián Gramajo (2nd Assistant Vice President General).

With regard to the “International Governance Framework”, brother Renato Lima requested that the PPT presentations by Frank Brassil and Julio Lima be translated (into the 4 official languages of the SSVP), to be distributed to all the relevant departments of the SSVP structure, as well as to the Territorial Vice Presidents themselves.

Regarding the type of report to be prepared for the 17th PGI, a draft was prepared and it was agreed that this report should include a brief summary of the activities of each Territorial Vice President and should be ready by the last week of May 2023.