Date of publication: 02/02/2023

First International Formation Center (IFC) course for Asia 

Vincentian Family

In order to facilitate the attendance and access of more members of the Vincentian Family to the courses of the International Formation Center (IFC), they will also be offered outside of Paris (France).

In fact, the first IFC course outside Paris will be held in the Philippines, specifically at the Betania Retreat House, located in Quezon City, one of the districts/cities that make up the Greater Manila.

This formation course, open to all Vincentians in the Asian zone, will be held in English from March 5-19, 2023, and its central theme will be “Vincentian Spirituality and Ethics”.

The Council General International signed a cooperation agreement with the International Formation Center – IFC in 2021. By this agreement, the members participating in any course offered by the IFC will be offered a 50% discount on the registration fee. We are pleased to have Father Andrés Motto, CM, who is also the director of the IFC as well as our International Spiritual Advisor.

“The IFC courses are very important for the Vincentian Family, especially for us in the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, because the contents of the courses renew our Vincentian action and bring new elements to make the work of the conferences more effective, productive and transformative with the people who suffer the most. For this reason, I strongly recommend to the dear members of the SSVP of the Philippines and the countries of this region to make the effort to participate in this course because it will really be worth it,” said Renato Lima de Oliveira, XVI President General International of the SSVP.

All those interested can obtain more information or register at the following e-mail address: managed by Fr. Darío Pacheco C.M. and Evalor Rivera.

Attached information:
Registration Form A (For those living outside of the Philippines) – English only
Registration Form B (for those living in the Philippines) – English only
Invitation letter – English only