Date of publication: 04/09/2023

Electoral Board releases abridged minutes of Presidential election 

Council General International

Dear SSVP members around the world,

God be praised!

In June 2022, this Board began the work of organizing the presidential elections, with the drawing up of the electoral rules, communications and information that were sent to the National Councils, clarifying all the stages of the process.

The General Assembly was held in Rome and the 17th President General International was elected on June 13. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the three candidates who stood for election.

I am pleased to announce that the Electoral Board concluded its work on August 23 by publishing the abridged minutes of the Presidential election.

We believe that we have done our duty, and we wish the 17th President General every success in the mandate that begins on September 9th, for the unity of the Council General International and for the good of our Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Click here to read the minutes.

Vincentian greetings,

Brother Joseph Pandian Thomas

Vice-President General International

President of the Electoral Board