Date of publication: 16/10/2023

SSVP publishes Booklet on the Revitalization of Conferences

Council General International

The document contains an analysis and suggestions for actions to recruit new members for the SSVP

The document “Practical Guide for the Revitalization of SSVP Conferences” is now available on the CGI website. The document is the last document of the 16th. President General’s mandate, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira. This is an initiative that aims to help conferences and councils’ presidents meet the challenge of renewal within the SSVP.

The ageing of SSVP Conferences is a global reality, and it is a complex and wide-ranging issue. There are countries that since the 1980s have not submitted new requests for aggregation, hence it requires immediate and effective solutions to address this problem.

According to brother Renato Lima, the SSVP in each country must be attentive to this problem: “We cannot allow our Conferences to close their doors, because many people in need depend on us. Every SSVP Conference that closes its activities is a bit of the SSVP that dies”,he said.

         The PRACTICAL GUIDE has ten chapters which analyze the reasons for the aging of the SSVP Conferences and propose some ideas and solutions to revitalize the recruitment environment in the SSVP. The list of recommendations is quite comprehensive and can be very useful, especially for countries that have greater difficulty in revitalizing their conferences.

The document was written by a group of experts on issues related to youth and the elderly, under the coordination of brother Júlio César Marques de Lima from Brazil. It is a document that can and should be updated in the future, adding new practices, suggestions and initiatives aimed at recruiting new members and revitalizing our Conferences, to ensure the continuity of our mission of service to the poorest.

Click here to download the Practical Guide to the Revitalization of SSVP Conferences.