Date of publication: 31/07/2023

CGI gives guidance to young SSVP members who will be in Felgueiras and Lisbon


The International Vice-presidency for Youth, Children and Adolescents of the General Council publishes a letter that was sent to all National Councils and their respective Youth Committees, containing a lot of important information about the events that will take place in Felgueiras and Lisbon in the next few days.

The letter is signed by brother Willian Alves and brother Renato Lima (President General). In it, we can find information about the journey from Lisbon airport to Felgueiras, place of accommodation, dynamics of the activities and much more.

We are also publicising the themes of the catecheses that will be held in Felgueiras. Among the speakers, the SSVP has a large number of representatives: “Youth: activism or mission?” (Renato Lima) and “Youth: protagonism and challenges of the present times” (Willian Alves). These talks will be given in four languages, and will be supported by other young people from the SSVP: Boipelo Mathodlana, Katheleen Brissete, Josmary Centella, Juliana Abigaelle and Edgardo Fuentes.

The General Council fully supports the International Youth Meeting of the Vincentian Family (Felgueiras 2023), and is sponsoring the sending of 12 young people, from 10 countries, winners of the competition held last year on the theme “Charity and Quality Education”.

Click here to read the letter