Date of publication: 23/02/2022

Youth Meeting in São Tomé and Príncipe.

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Flourishing in faith and service to those most in need.

On February 13th, young people from São Tomé and Príncipe took part in a national meeting held in Guadalupe, a town near the capital, São Tomé.

The meeting began very early, at about seven in the morning, with a Eucharist led by Edgarnilson Ceita, who is responsible for the youth at the National Council. He spoke about the young people’s work in the country and the enhancement of the service provided to the people most in need so that the SSVP can flourish in faith and love for others.

Under the heading, “The Vincentian Mission”, more than 20 young people took part in the meeting which included moments of prayer and formation, as well as the home visit made to a woman with cerebral palsy who was presented with a wheelchair. In a spirit of fellowship, the group visited the relative of a fellow member who had been hurt in a road traffic accident shortly before.

Thanks to videoconferencing, the young people were able to connect with Fabiano Falconi, a Brazilian member from São Paulo Metropolitan Council. He told them how wonderful it is to be part of the Vincentian family which is filled with the spirit of love for one’s neighbour, affection and understanding between young people as well as the growth in faith.

The SSVP in Brazil supports these young people in their work with the poorest families. Renata Mancini, a Brazilian member and international delegate for formation & training for America 3, is in constant communication with them. They regard her as their “fairy godmother”.

The meeting concluded with a lunch which all the young people shared in the house of a member. They could  share the joy of coming together as a community.