Date of publication: 12/05/2021

Virtual Meeting – Regional Team for America 2

Council General International World News

On April 24th, the regional team for America 2 virtually met with the National Councils of the region to discuss “the SSVP’s Structure and the Work Plan

Since the beginning of the year, the regional team has met on a regular basis to assess the work undertaken and update the work plan for the next two years. The Territorial Vice President, María del Carmen Guzmán, prompted the team to keep on working and fostered new proposals to support the region. 

The first proposal was to conduct a survey to determine whether all members from Superior Councils are knowledgeable about the SSVP’s organizational structure, and to bring forward their proposals. Excellent survey results were obtained from 30 respondents. With the information obtained, it was ascertained that it was necessary to clarify any possible doubt. 

Hence, the second proposal was to hold a virtual territorial meeting on April 24th, the birth date of St. Vincent de Paul. The meeting request was submitted to each of the National Regional Presidents; and the members of the National Councils were invited to join in. 

The virtual session began at 3.00 pm (Central American time), with a welcoming address by the ITVP María del Carmen Guzmán. Then, Luz María Ramírez, Formation Delegate for America 2, guided the prayer making reference to our saints and blessed vincentians. At the end of the prayer, the issue of the SSVP’s territorial structure was discussed, and guidelines on the work plan were shared by the ITVP. The second part of the meeting consisted of separate meetings held by each of the Territorial Delegates with their National Delegates on formation, twinning, projects and youth; and by zone coordinators with the presidents of each country. The meeting concluded at 5 p.m., with the commitment of disseminating all the issues that were discussed with each SSVP regional member.

Regional Team: 

Territorial Vice President: María del Carmen Guzmán

Zone Coordinators: Gladys Herrera and Rosa Araujo. 

Delegates: Luz María Ramírez (Formation), Cristóbal García (Projects), and Edgardo Fuentes (Youth).

Attending countries: 

Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.