Date of publication: 03/07/2024

Vincentian Youth: United in Synodality and Strengthened in Faith


On July 4, 1925, at the age of 24, Pier Giorgio Frassati, a great young man who chose to spend his youth in service to the most needy and abandoned, returned to the embrace of the Father. Frassati chose to serve rather than be served; he sought change and did not let himself be shaken even amidst the many trials he faced within his own home. His heart was pure, and in everything he did, he sought to be an image and likeness of Christ!

And as a great gift from this year, just over two months ago, the Church declared that Frassati will be a saint! His canonization is scheduled for the year 2025, alongside the Jubilee, and soon we will have a Vincentian saint for the youth and the mountains! Pope Francis often mentions him to encourage young people to follow his famous motto “To live, not just pretend to live.”

But what about the Vincentian youth? What changes? Everything changes! Because we will have in our midst a great intercessor who not only knew the St. Vincent de Paul Society but was also a part of the movement and left his legacy in the conferences he participated in! Now, more than ever, we know that the strength and faith of our youth can change structures and can reach even more souls for Christ because we will have a Vincentian confrere beside God interceding for us.

And here is another reflection: even if there was no organization of the structure of the SSVP Youth Commission at that time, there is no doubt that Frassati fulfilled his objective: to seek personal sanctification in service to the most needy. He said that life should be a continuous preparation for eternity, as he did not know the day of his death. Thus, when Pope John Paul II beatified him, he presented him as an example of holiness for youth in seeking the extraordinary in the ordinary.

This year, we invite all Vincentian youth from around the world to celebrate and reflect on the theme “United in Synodality and Strengthened in Faith”. The proposal is that we walk together with the theme of the Church, which has constantly reinforced the importance of Synodality in our midst, that is, that we may live as true brothers and sisters in Christ.

In this week when we celebrate the International Day of Vincentian Youth, may we, following the example of Frassati, be audacious in charity and, following in his footsteps, “seek the heights” until we reach heaven!

Juliana Rosa Silva, International Youth Delegate

On this very important date for Vincentian Youth, the president of the International General Council, Juan Manuel B. Gómez, encourages young people in their mission to serve those who need it most.

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