Date of publication: 28/07/2021

Vincentian Philately by Erwin Josef Țigla

World News

In his Circular letter dated January 31, 2021, the 16th President General, fellow member Renato Lima de Oliveira stated the year 2021 would be dedicated to Jules Devaux, so that all members throughout the world could learn more about the life and work of the first Treasurer General of the SSVP.

In 2017, President General Renato Lima de Oliveira announced that, from then on, each themed year would be dedicated to a different founder. This initiative was launched by the Council General International to enhance the role of all the founders at the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

In this regard, President General Renato Lima de Oliveira stressed: “Among the seven original founders, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam is the one with the most historical and biographical information in our Society. This is why, the same recognition and spotlight should be given to the other founders, since, without them, we would not be here today, and we would not exist as a society.”

To mark this initiative on a yearly basis, the ITVP for Europe 2, fellow member Erwin Josef Țigla, has devised a philatelic envelope for each of the themed-year logos which have been produced so far, as well as the corresponding philatelic stamp, with the city name of ‘Reșița, Romania’ written on it; where he lives. On July 17th, 2021, the envelope dedicated to Jules Devaux was brought into circulation.