Training is the tool we use in the SSVP to pass on the Vincentian spirituality, which forms the basis for our social action.

The materials you will find here are intended to promote spiritual and human growth in all those who come to our website, whether they are Vincentians or others interested in the Society and its charism.


General Topics

Handbook for Conferences

This Guide for conferences is based on the Rule of the Society, as well as on writings about the Society, its founders and leaders, as well as on Vincentian tradition, history and spirit, from all the member countries of the Confederation.

General Topics

The Word

“The word was made flesh and lived among us, and from then on, the word became powerful”

General Topics

Talk by Professor Guzmán Carriquiry

On 13 June 2019, at the annual meeting of the CGI, held this year in Porto, Professor Guzmán Carriquiry, of the Pontifical Council for Latin America, gave a notable lecture on “the role of the laity in the Church of Pope Francis”. Professor Guzmán Carriquiry emphasizes the unity and complementary of all ministries, founded on the same original grace given to all: that of baptism,

General Topics

Fundamental principles of the Conference

It was in 1833 that a group of young French students, including Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, formed the first Conference of Charity in Paris, with the aim of increasing the holiness of its members through the practice of works of mercy...

General Topics

How to Speak in Public

Mastery of public speaking is fundamental to getting a message across with clarity and strength. Today we know that it is a quality we can work on and improve.  In this PowerPoint we try to present the basic tools that will help us develop our ability to speak in public.

General Topics

How to act rightly

Conflicts can sometimes arise within our Conferences or Councils, signs of the pride hidden in each one of us. This presentation helps us to identify our areas of darkness, and gives us safe ways to fight them: humility and friendship...

General Topics

Poverty and systemic change

The systemic approach helps resolve situations of poverty by acting on the whole set of circumstances, and not just on one factor. So this presentation gives some of the concepts of this new way of working, promoted particularly by the Vincentian Family...

General Topics

History, Origins

"Only one thing could hinder us and lead us astray: a change in our first intention; forgetful [...] of the humble simplicity that first presided over our meetings, made us love our obscurity without seeking to hide and perhaps earned us our later growth and development". Frédéric Ozanam (1st May 1841)

General Topics

Vicentian spirituality

A introduction to Vincentian spirituality. The main principles. Saint Vincent, his conversion and his work. It all flows from Saint Vincent’s extraordinary discovery:  Christ is hidden in the poor person. Serving the poor person, I am serving Christ himself, I am touching him...

General Topics

The home visit

The visit is the main work of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. How do we set about it? Where do we find the people to visit? Practical advice for conducting the encounter properly, for preparing for it well. Tips to keep the conversation going, the pitfalls to avoid. And always a model to contemplate: Christ himself.

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