Suggested reading material (vicentian)

Prayers for a lifetime

Author: Karl Rahner

Publisher: T&T Clark, 1986, and later editions.

This book is a collection of some very moving prayers, inviting us into Christian spirituality; for reflection after reading; for following Christ through reading them, not as something we have absorbed since childhood, but inviting us into an adult faith, beyond the kind of familiar prayers we repeat without thinking.

Suggested reading material (vicentian)

Selected writings of St John of the Cross

Author: Saint John of the Cross

Publisher: Paulist Press, 1987

St John of the Cross, a Carmelite, is one of the great mystical poets. His verses reveal to us his love for Christ in the flesh, longing for Him, with burning Love, suffering now because he has not yet died and gone to enjoy His presence.

We bring it here to this website for readers to enjoy this unparalleled mystical poetry.

Suggested reading material (vicentian)

Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality

Author: Richard Rohr

Publisher: St Anthony Messenger Press

“I offer these reflections in order to unite once more what should never be apart: Holy Scripture and Christian spirituality”, Richard Rohr.