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A brief account, painting a portrait of “Ozanam’s dearest friend”, and writer of the Rule of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. Read this immediately, during this current year of 2018, dedicated to Lallier.


Biography of Frederic Ozanam

To beatify someone does not mean to erect a statue of the person. On the contrary, according to the Latin etymology (beatificare = beatum facere), it means “to make happy”.


About Paul Lamache. First part.

A distinguished Professor of Law, and above all, one of the seven founders of the first Conference of Charity in 1833, close friend of Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, he was one of the first people to denounce slavery. Council General has found an important document, providing a portrait of him...


About Paul Lamache. Second part.

In 1933, a reader responded to the piece devoted to Paul Lamache in the local newspaper, “la Croix de l’Isère” with his own testimony. This valuable document helps us to get to know this founder member of the first Conference of Charity even better...