Date of publication: 26/08/2020

Training meeting on Amélie Ozanam

Council General International

In order to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Amélie Ozanam, the International General Council has proposed a training meeting in which both the national president and the training delegate of each SSVP member country will participate.

This initiative will help spread the important figure of Amélie Ozanam, and will be a great opportunity to develop joint training and to strengthen the bonds among the Vincentians all over the world.

“The more we know Amélie, the more we know Frederic Ozanam. She was a great woman beside a great man. Much of the material and information that still exist today about Frederic Ozanam is thanks to the dedicated compilation work carried out by Amélie”, said our President General, Renato Lima de Oliveira.

The training day is held live via the Internet (Zoom), holding a meeting for each official language of the SSVP (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese)

Meeting in Spanish

The agenda for the meetings is as follows:

•             Meeting in Spanish: 23 August.

•             Meeting in Portuguese: 30 August.

•             Meeting in English: 20 September.

•             Meeting in French: 25th October.

The International General Council will send an email with all the information required to participate in this event, along with the timetable and the access codes.