Date of publication: 02/12/2022

Third meeting of the International Territorial Vice Presidents 

Council General International

In 2022, three meetings had been scheduled to improve  communications and coordination of the work carried out in each region. 

The first meeting of the Territorial Vice Presidents (via zoom) was held on April 9, 2022 and was dedicated to the “International Governance Framework” and “Twinning”. The 2nd meeting (hybrid) was held on June 13, in Paris and covered topics related to Twinning, SSVP support to Ukrainian refugees and a report on the Institutional Development Mission in Scandinavia, in addition to relationships by Territorial Vice Presidents in their own region. The 3rd meeting (via zoom) was held on November 19, 2022 and focused on twinning issues, the implementation of the “International Governance Framework” and the work plan of each International Territorial Vice President. 

In this last meeting, in addition to the 12 Territorial Vice-Presidents and brother Maurice Yeung (International Vice-President for the Structure), the members of the Board of Directors also participated at the meeting. Due to the coincidence with another event, the President General, Brother Renato Lima, was unable to participate. Brothers Larry Toumey (Treasurer General) and Sebastian Gramajo (2nd Assistant Vice President General) were present to share their points of view. 

This meeting of the Territorial Vice Presidents was very fruitful and the following decisions  were taken:

  • Issues related to twinning and the implementation of the “International Governance Framework” will be permanent items on the agenda of future meetings. 
  • Regarding the work plans in each region, it was agreed that all Territorial Vice Presidents have to draw up plans to consolidate their lines of action, taking into account a limited travel budget, the need for training workshops and to communicate with  regional teams and National Councils. 
  • A requirement to facilitate  the handover of tasks to the next incoming incumbents of the new international structure, which will be established with the forthcoming election of the President General and his new team, was discussed.