Date of publication: 24/08/2020

The Vatican’s SSVP Conference receives great coverage in L’Osservatore Romano

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L’Osservatore Romano has been the official organ of the Holy See for 160 years, with great prestige and wide readership throughout the Catholic Church, especially among church leaders and Vatican authorities.

In the Sunday 9 August edition, under the title “In the Front Line of Welcoming Pilgrims”, the publication presents an extensive interview with brother Stefano Milli, president of the Association of St. Peter and Paul, whose social arm is the SSVP Conference of St. Peter, presided over by brother Sérgio D’Alessandro.

It is worth reading the interview, which is in Italian. Stefano comments that with the reopening of the Vatican Basilica and the return of the religious celebrations, every day more pilgrims and refugees arrive and, along with them, there are also many poor families, who are supplied by the Conference with clothing, food and small economic support. In the text, our fellow brother Stefano gives an account of the social activity of the charitable organizations that work in the Vatican, especially the SSVP.

The Conference of St. Peter was recently visited by our dear brother Renato Lima, 16th President General of the SSVP, in the company of brother Antonio Gianfico, President of the Italian Federation of the SSVP. In the interview, Stefano recalled with joy the moment of this visit, pointing out that the President General gave the group the Letter of Aggregation, a relic of Ozanam, a medal, the SSVP official flag and some books and manuals. The spiritual advisor of the Conference is Monsignor Joseph Murphy, who was also at the ceremony last January, and gave a speech on the binomial “prayer and charity”, which is the hallmark of the SSVP.

The service of solidarity of the SSVP Conference of St. Peter and of the Association of St. Peter and St. Paul itself is a divine blessing. “My sincere thanks to the Conference and the Association for the important social and solidarity services rendered to the Church and, above all, to our friends in need who have recourse to Vincentian charity in the Vatican to alleviate their suffering, material, moral and spiritual. Praise God! The Confederation International of the SSVP is truly happy with the presence of the SSVP Conference of St. Peter among the list of our aggregated Conferences. Congratulations!”, emphasized Renato Lima.

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